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So you want to get into the magic that is NJPW, the second biggest wrestling promotion in the world, but are unsure where to begin, or what you should know before jumping in, or where to jump in, or whether you’ll get it and now you just don’t— hey, relax, buddy, I’m here for you.

I’ve got good news: if you like wrestling, you’ll like NJPW. It’s really that simple. The only thing you need to know is that they have 20-second count-outs. That is it. That is literally the only thing you truly need to know, going in.

Ready to get started? Good. Because now you’re going to watch this match. It’s a good match, just sit back and enjoy it. I’ll see you on the other side of the jump.

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All of this is true and good, but this, THIS! I AM SCARED ALL THE TIME.

Minoru Suzuki leads his own heel stable Suzuki-gun, and has an amazing, unique hair style and is actively a threat to your life. Yes, even as you sit thousands of miles away from him as you read this.

I made this for a friend, but I thought I should post it here in case any of you are in need of this also.

Tumblr plz let me post these gifs even though they’re too big I am not good at giffing yet.


Nakamura vs Shibata
August 8th, 2004

D why. Why would you do this to me this early in the morning.

Oh dear. 

D, I put both my boobs in my bra at the same time. AM I A HERO?

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