Oh my god~! Indian deathlock!

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At thirty, a man should have himself well in hand, know the exact number of his defects and qualities, know how far he can go, foretell his failures — be what he is. And above all accept these things. We are going to be practical. Everything to do and everything to give up. Settle down in day to day life but with one’s mask. I have known enough things to be able to give up almost everything. There remains an immense, daily, obstinate effort. An effort pursued in secret, with neither hope nor bitterness. No longer deny anything since everything can be asserted. Above the anguish of being torn apart.
Albert Camus, Carnets, July 30, 1945

I have to tell you — I bought overpriced and kind of awful hot chocolate at Wrestlemania 29 and it’s one of my all-time favorite sensory memories. Every time I even smell hot chocolate my brain is transported back to the chilly April evening, standing in the dark with eighty thousand other people anxiously awaiting the Undertaker’s entrance.


Found this on Twitter.


Ahahahaha! My silly Shield GTA photoshop has won much favor. Thanks guys! <3




Acrylic and spray on 30″ x 40″ canvas

About the piece: Last week I told myself that I have to get better as an artist. I felt that I had been treading water for a few months. This is my first true effort at growing myself. I used a lot of techniques and tricks that I have in the past, but I pushed myself harder in how and more importantly why I used them. I feel it’s a personal best.

It’s beautiful! Worthy of His Awesomeness.

"Are you drawing Dean Ambrose?"

"I’m practicing and I don’t hate his face." 

Testing Photoshop tutorials on my favorite subject — Dean Ambrose. 

Hey guys! Good morning. I’d like to introduce you to Hannibal Lecter’s fandom on tumblr. I feel much better about Dean Ambrose fans today and for all days, and even a little better about Randy Orton fans. PERSPECTIVE.


Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart

[gifs] Dean Ambrose celebrates winning his first singles championship in the WWE.